Your Mission Field is All Around You, Are You Tending to It?

                Jesus even said that the crop is ready, but the workers are few (Matthew 9:37). In my church that my wife and I attend has a sign as you leave the sanctuary “You are now entering your mission field.” We all are called to go and make disciples, so are you working on that mission? I try to work in the large and potentially hostile field of the internet, and maybe you do too. I also try and work in the real world where I can physically show the love that God has for his people. I admit that I don’t always do this, but I am convicted to try and do more. We as a church have gotten lax, at least in the United States, but I think this current social and political climate have gotten people stirring from their metaphorical chairs. We need to keep the love of Christ in mind though and be prepared to add to the discussions with love and respect (1 Peter 3:15). We may also see the church fall from it’s social majority position for the first time since the founding of the United States, I had recently posted that this is actually a return to normal in regards to biblical history. The nation of Israel and the early church were in the minority and faced persecution, yet there were strong, godly leaders that persisted. In all of this, however, we cannot waver from our mission of making disciples of Christ. We must be able to do this through biblical instruction, and the demonstration of the love for people that God showed us by loving us so much, that he chose to come as a man to die for our sins so that we could be restored to him. Now, how does one go about doing all of this? I think you have to decide that for yourself. I felt the calling to write and put myself out there on the internet, to minister to college students with my wife, and to work with whomever God decides to put in my path. There are people that I know, even in my extended family, that are called to go to different countries and build churches. Now these are only two anecdotes about what you can do. I’m sure that the possible ministries to spread the word of Christ are as infinite as the wisdom of God. As long as they all revolve around the core truth, that Jesus came, died as payment for our sins, and rose from the dead, then I think all ministries have merit.

                Any wisdom about ministry work that you want to share? I would love to hear it. God bless and have a good rest of your day.


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