What do you do when life feels hopeless/ if you have doubt?

                I have recently, and have before, found myself falling into despair. Not because of my life being bad, it has never been better, but because of my own realization that this is temporary, and I have no idea what comes next. I am afraid of a question, what if there is nothing after? As a Christian, I know the answer that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord, and that we will be given new physical bodies in the New Jerusalem. Yet I worry still about the future. God has given us many commands to not be afraid, but here I am as a human. When this fear and panic hits me, I hit my knees and pray to God for peace. I read the Bible and hear his words and his promises.
                I realize in scripture that I am not the only one to have this agony. We can see this in the books of Job and Ecclesiastes. Solomon despaired of his life, and had found it all meaningless in that book. He concluded that even if it is all meaningless, we should rejoice in our life and our creator. Job was put to the test by Satan, and he despaired of life, but did not once curse God and die for his circumstances. In both of these cases, we see that we cannot dwell on our circumstances, that life is difficult or will end. We are not even guaranteed our next breaths.

                I do not write this to make you fear for me, but to show you that I am human as well. I have my fears and doubts, but nevertheless I find my hope in the promises of Jesus, that He will come for us again someday. I will do my best to cling to this hope, that we are forgiven, and I have the best intercessor for me when I come and stand before God. I pray that this has helped you this day, and may God bless you and have a good rest of your day.


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