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Is speech limited under Christianity? How does this compare to the First Amendment?

I’ve been seeing a lot of talk of censorship and talks of hate speech, offensive speech, and what should or should not be said. It’s got me thinking, as one who believes that political power needs to be with the individual, not centralized to some monstrous bureaucracy that some want to create and that we are seeing starting to come to fruition here in the US and in other countries across the globe. As an American, I worry for the First Amendment, which guarantees our right to free speech and free criticism of our government without fear or persecution by our peers or imprisonment by some tyrant. As a Christian, I worry for our freedom of religion and the free practice thereof, with a certain former presidential candidate saying that “Christians would have to change their beliefs”. As an apologist, I worry for the pursuit of truth and the dissemination of that truth. So let’s start at the root of this and take a look at scripture and answer a couple of questions, “Doe…