What roles should our Government be taking in protecting the environment?

                Recently, the United States and multiple nations around the globe had marches in the name of Science after comments from President Trump that he was going to dissolve the EPA and has threatened federal science funding. Now, as a scientist who hopes to continue in a research position at a state school some day, this is a little concerning. I don’t think it is quite the nightmare scenario that people make it out to be, but I do agree that  if we stop research to move America forward then we will stagnate and continue to slip as a global leader. As a Christian my first allegiance is to the kingdom of God and its people, but we all serve on this Earth and we have commands to take care of it (Genesis 2:15, Proverbs 12:10, Revelation 11:18, Genesis 1:26, Proverbs 27:18, Numbers 35:33, Psalm 24:1). We have a command to take care of the Earth as it’s tenants, as I am expected to take care of the apartment that my wife and I rent right now. I have written before about how we as individuals can work to preserve the Earth, how can we encourage our governments, especially the US government to help protect the environment for everyone, researchers and the common man?
                I would first have the federal and state governments look into lifting restrictions on having wind and solar power in private domiciles. The city where I used to live has city ordinances that prevent the building of wind generators on private property for the sake of aesthetics. I wouldn’t mind government intervention to allow people to have the freedom to build what they want with regard to alternative energy. We could take this a step further and have the government subsidize the installation for poorer families. Now, in situations where you can place your home on renewables, any extra power that you generate can be fed into the grid and you would get paid for that extra power. If we have a subsidized system where the federal government has paid for the installation, I’m all for allowing the government to generate revenue off that extra power instead of the private individual, so long as that residence does not pay for power consumption. It could be a win-win for both parties, money saved and money generated while not damaging the earth in fossil fuel burning.

                If these plans seem too intrusive for the American people, we could at minimum start working to quickly get government buildings, including universities, on renewable energy, this would allow for a decent percentage of college towns’ power consumption to be relieved. We could also introduce tax breaks for companies who power their buildings with renewables. Now many of these policies may already be in place or are in the works, but I believe that if our current President wants to boost and cement his popularity, I think he should be focusing on this instead of cutting budgets and introducing arbitrary tax breaks. These are short term effects that are only being used to get him a second term. I agree that the EPA has too much power to punish the individual, and what I am suggesting here is more carrot than stick, but I think it is a better energy policy in the long term to invest in technologies that will push us into the next century and beyond. Wind on this Earth and the Sun aren’t going anywhere, at least for the next few billion years. I would pray that if any government official actually reads this, that you would at least consider making this short term sacrifice for the long term gain of all, because that is what Christians are called to do every day. We are to deny ourselves, pick up our cross, and be Christ for all to see. I’m just asking that our “Christian” government to do the same for their people. This is the burden of Christian leadership, to give of yourself for people who for the most part probably won’t show gratitude, but you do it because it is right and what you are called to do.  God bless and have a good rest of your day.
Edit: I realize I focused on a lot on renewable energy, but that is where I should think the government should focus its energy, so to speak. Where do you think the government should be focusing its efforts to save the environment.


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