A Letter to Those on the Fence about Christianity

                I recently wrote a post encouraging Christians who make mistakes because I and friends I know have tendencies to let the enemy steal our joy in our salvation by having us focus on our mistakes. What I want to write about today are those who don’t yet believe in the saving grace of Jesus but are on the fence about it. I want to try and answer a few of your questions that may be keeping you on the proverbial fence.
                I have had a few friends who have come to me with questions and concerns about the Christian faith, and the 3 common questions are what I am going to frame my post around. The first question I usually get is “isn’t the church full of hypocrites?” This question is meant to torpedo the idea that Christians are perfect beings once saved. The problem is that they are already right, Christians aren’t perfect; we are only forgiven and redeemed through the blood of the Lamb. Yes we do sin post-conversion, but I ask that you are patient with us, God isn’t done with us yet.
                The next question I get typically are questions about doctrine or apologetics. These are answered on a case by case basis, but probably the most common question is about the validity and inerrancy of the Bible. I do affirm the validity and inerrancy of the scripture, and posit that there is enough extra-biblical evidence to convince anyone truly seeking to understand the Christian faith that the Bible is true and can be believed.
                The last question I get is this: “I have done too much for God to forgive me.” This typically is used as a dodge by people that I talk to when I ask them if they believe, or maybe they are trying to be edgy and cool, but in either case the statement is wrong. Paul, a father of the Christian faith as we know it, claimed to be the chief of sinners. This was a man who actively hunted and killed the followers of Christ before he met Jesus on the road to Damascus and since then was the most prolific evangelist of his time, setting the foundation for the church to explode into the rest of the world to this day. We are all sinners, and there is nothing that we have done that will surprise God, because he knows and sees all that we have done. Jesus told us to come to him, all that are weary, and he will give us rest. Our burdens may be heavy, but his load for us is light. (Matthew 11:28-29).
                Now since I am not with you and this is just what was on my heart for anyone who is seeking Christ and just so happens to be reading my blog. I would pray that you would take these thoughts and discuss them with a person of faith that you trust, or I would be honored to actively answer any additional questions that you have. I would pray that if you are on the fence about accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior, don’t wait! This is the most important question that you will answer in your life! To borrow from the great C.S. Lewis, “If Christianity is false, then it is of no importance. If it is true, then nothing is more important. The only thing Christianity is not is moderately important.” I pray for all of you as we go into this week is that you are blessed in your work, studies, and life. God bless and have a good rest of your week.



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