What Do I Think of Christianity?

                This one may be most of an extremely odd, or extremely basic question, but I have spent 2 weeks working on a frustrating work project and this hit me at bible study. People have different ideas about Christianity, even within the religion itself (see my thoughts on prosperity gospel). What do I personally think of Christianity?
                To start, I want to give a quick testimony over how I got here. I was born and raised in a church, so when I was young I accepted much of what I was taught, but thought to ask questions that my parents answered for me. When I was in college I was seriously challenged by other worldviews for the first time. I was depressed for a while thinking about if I had been brought up wrong or that there wasn’t anything after death. My father helped me through the depression and both of my parents supplied me with my first apologetics material. From there I found my way into apologetics and allowed God to lead me into writing this blog. I have been writing here for a little over 3 years now.
                But there is still the question, what is Christianity to me? Since I have started writing, I have come to the conclusion that I want to pursue truth. Not a crutch, but truth that can change my life. That is Christianity to me, life changing truth. Sometimes it would be definitely easier to not be a Christian and not think of what Christ would do in this situation. But, Christianity is not about what is easy, but what brings me closer to God as a disciple of Jesus, the son of God.

                So this is a bit of short post and maybe I will revisit this idea to flesh out some ideas, but this is my general answer to what Christianity is to me. I hope this helps someone, somewhere, come to explore this life changing truth. God bless and have a good rest of your night. 


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