What does a Scientist bring to the Theological Table?

                As I have stated, I am currently pursuing a Doctorate of Philosophy in Chemistry.  A common question that I get when I am talking to people is that if it is possible for a scientist such as myself to be a Christian. This ties into my posts talking about the myth of the war between science and Christianity. What I would like to do here is talk about the unique perspective that Christian scientists can bring to the table and what I blessing it has been to me to be able to study the world God has created and the book He has written for us to follow.
                So when we study the word of God, or anything in general, one brings a certain way of thinking to this study. Naturally, a scientist brings his way of thinking in the same manner an artist, car mechanic, or theologian will. So what kind of thinking does a scientist bring to his studies outside of his own field? Well at least for myself, I like to think I break the scriptures down to individual pieces and work my way through it as this is what I do in the lab. There is also a majesty that I can observe in science, and I can take my observations of nature into the scripture and make connections into what the authors are describing. For example, in Genesis when the beginning of the universe is described, I think of the Big Bang and the massive amounts of energy released that were the light described when God said “Let there be light!” There are other instances of this where God’s frame of reference is mentioned (2 Peter 3:8). This is describing that events can be taking place on different time scales depending on your speed and position in the universe.
                The descriptions that we can arrive at are part of what Francis Bacon has eloquently described as the second book that God has written. We are quite familiar with the first, namely the scriptures that we read. The second book is the book that is the creation that we see around us every day. Therefore, scientists are implied as theologians as we dedicate our lives to studying aspects of this second book that God has written around us.
                So what do scientists bring to the table of theological discussion? Quite a lot, as it happens. We study the world around us and make it explainable to others. We study the regularities of the natural laws that God has placed so that we may know a miracle when we see one. Now because we can describe our universe in our terms doesn’t mean we don’t eliminate God, no more than I can eliminate Henry Ford by describing a Model T. In fact, my awe of God is increased for Him having done it in such an eloquent way. God bless and have a good rest of your day.



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