Are Christians to isolate themselves from the world?

                This is a common one that I see talked about on both sides. Some non-Christians accuse us of being out of touch because we isolate ourselves in the Church, and some non-Christians might encourage that behavior so we would stay out of their lives. There are churches that would encourage that we stay to ourselves for fear that we would take on the qualities of the world around us. Is this the way that we should act once we are saved? Should we use our Christianity as fire insurance and just look out for number one? I would like to discuss this behavior and show that I believe this isolationist position that some Christians adopt isn’t what we should be doing.
                As Christians we are called to go forth and make disciples of all men (Matthew 28:16-20). As this suggests, we need to be putting ourselves on the line, from our egos to our lives, we have to bet it all on God’s plan and commands, and that would be that all men should be saved, and he has commanded us to teach this gospel to those that they may choose the salvation freely offered through Jesus. Now I’m not saying that we cannot take a day once a week to rest and be recharged, because God rested on the seventh day of creation (Genesis 2:2). This seventh day, the Sabbath day, is a day to rest from work as God did, and as such we are following the example God gave us. This is only one day of the week, however, and the other six should be used to advance in the Great Commission.
                Now some of you may be afraid, as I once was, to follow in this commission because you think the only way is to be a world name preacher like Billy Graham. However, we are gifted with various spiritual gifts to employ other than speech (1 Corinthians 12). Such as myself, I don’t do much speaking on the spot, but I take the time to research and write about what God puts on my heart. I am also one who likes to step in and assist with various problems, typically involving physical strength, such as home improvement projects or helping people move. Now these are two of my gifts God has given me, and these gifts could be used to my purposes instead of God’s. This is part of my prayers every night; that not my will would be done, but God’s. This brings to mind the parable of the talents, that what our master gives us from him should be used to advance his purposes in a manner pleasing to him (Matthew 25: 14-30). In fact, I think the servant who buried his talent until his master’s return is an excellent analogy for those who are isolationist when it comes to their faith.

                So I hope I have made a case for each of us to do our part. Christians are soldiers in an army, and an army is weaker if some of us aren’t doing their job. We don’t have to pack out stadiums and convert everyone at once, but we can each talk to our neighbor about the hope that is in us through Jesus. If we could each bring one person to a position where they choose Christ a week, think about that. We double the amount of Christians in one week! If that rate could be maintained, it would not be long until the gospel of Christ is spread throughout the Earth! I would hope that you are already using your talents daily. If you are not, I pray that you will start. May God bless you and have a good rest of your day. 


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