What do we do when we feel unimportant in the church?

                Recently I have been blessed to become a full time member of my church’s praise team. Previously I rotated in when either our drummer or bass player was out. I was also playing with the youth band at the time. Now during all of this I had a transition period where I was stepping down from the youth band to allow a youth member to be blessed to lead worship. During this period I was wondering what I would be doing now that music wasn’t going to be a constant. I admit, I enjoy playing and getting the recognition, but I was also convicted that I should be deflecting all glory to God so that people can see him through me. This also got me to thinking about all of the people that had to be present in the Bible since the kings and prophets we study had to have someone to talk to. Did they ever feel unimportant in what they were doing?
                What I would like to do here is explore two aspects of feeling unimportant in the church. The first I have already kind of covered, which is where we allow ourselves to get in the way of God’s work. Then there is the real deal where the most well intentioned people still feel unimportant. With this first case I believe it is important that we pray and understand that if we are in a position of leadership in the church, we are placed there by God to lead these people into a deeper relationship with Him! If you are into church leadership so people will talk about you, you already have your reward and are actively choosing to miss out on some of the biggest blessings of this life and the next (Matthew 6:5). Now if you are someone who is serving with your heart in the right place and you start to be worn down and wonder if your work is of importance, don’t lose heart! You are being lied to by Satan that God cannot use you and that you have no value. You are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14) and God is always with you and supporting you (Isaiah 41:10). God also has a reputation of using anyone and everyone, so whatever you feel called to do God will equip you to do this work, even if it is something like cleaning the toilets of the church.

                I would hope that if you are feeling downtrodden and unimportant, that you would take a minute and realize that you serve a God who has known you since you were in your mother’s womb, and has a plan for your life that will bring you more blessings that you could ever count. God bless and have a good rest of your week.


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