What does it mean to wait on the Lord?

Another one of my musings of the evening. I always hear of people saying that they are waiting for the Lord to tell them what to do with their lives, and I wonder what they do while they are waiting. While it is none of my business to ask them directly, it is a curious thought. What do we do while we are waiting on the Lord? We go about our daily lives, but do we dedicate those mundane activities to the Lord or are we just going through the motions while we wait for our miraculous burning bush to appear so we can be the next Moses to lead our people out of spiritual (or literal in some cases) slavery? I would like to say that I dedicate everything I do, including the mundane, to the Lord, but I don’t and I have been convicted of such and this is why I am writing.
So we can look at quite a lot of leaders in the history to the Israelites and the church and see that they too waited on the Lord for a period. Long or short, it doesn’t matter, but patience was required of these people. The images of Abraham or Job come to mind. Focusing on Job, Satan was allowed to absolutely destroy Job’s earthly possessions and family. Job waited on the Lord for an answer as to why, but he did not sin in this crisis. Abraham was promised descendants, but yet he did not wait patiently and had Ishmael before Isaac. Ishmael then went on to provide descendants that outnumber the grains of sand in the desert, from these descendants is where we find the roots of the Muslim community, a certain group of which are currently causing whole countries to evacuate in fear of what they do.

From these two examples I see that if one is waiting on an answer from the Lord, one does not do as one pleases to bring about that answer sooner. We need to trust in the Lord that He will bring about His promises in His perfect timing. That being said I don’t think Job was sitting on his hands and neither was Abraham. Both were leaders in their communities and have the commandments from God that were given them. Thankfully today, just about every American Christian that I know holds these commandments in a nice convenient form. The Bible is the written word of God, and if you are looking for a divine word, I would suggest you start there, beginning with the Great Commission. Before Jesus ascended, we were commanded to go forth and to make disciples of men. If you are waiting for a divine calling on your life, try to use your God given gifts to do that. It doesn't mean that you will see immediate results, look at Abraham. We are warriors fighting a spiritual war, and warriors must train. By training up the gifts today, God can use you to win spiritual battles tomorrow.


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