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The Problem of Evil

When one describes the problem of evil, one typically brings up suffering, but I think these are two separate things, suffering being the result of evil. While I have already explored the problem of suffering, what I would like to do is explore the nature of evil, why it is here, and what the scriptures have to say about it and how God deals with evil.                 So first off, we must define terms. What is evil? The answer I will use here would be anything that goes against God’s law, which is the definition of sin, and anyone who reads the book of Genesis finds that sin entered the world when Adam and Eve partook of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. So evil goes against God’s law, so why doesn’t God in His omnipotence eliminate it? If He is omniscient, didn’t He see this coming and could have stopped it altogether or prevented it? Isn’t Hell an evil committed by God by tormenting people who only committed temporary crimes? All of these are interesting…