Will we ever truly be equal on this Earth?

                With the presidential elections starting soon, I’m sure people will be starting up conversations on various topics, and one that I bet will be on the ticket is equality for everyone. We have recently seen the legalization of gay marriage and the federal government overturning the state mandated prohibitions on it. A lot of people are celebrating this new milestone in equality, but this got me thinking down a political vein. What is equality as defined by our government? Is it when everyone can marry who they want? Equal pay and job opportunities? What is it? From what I would say about equality, it would be when I don’t have to think about it. I understand that people seek to put themselves above others at those people’s expense, which I think is the very definition of inequality. What troubles me is that I don’t see a way for this kind of inequality to be removed, especially in the United States where we elect people to positions that can control our lives. We essentially give our equality away. So I guess I am dancing around the question and the answer. What is equality? I think it is where we can live in peace with one another without us trying to put ourselves over one another. ItiIs starting to shape up like something from scripture describing Heaven isn’t it? So if what I am thinking of an answer that describes Heaven, is it possible to get to that state while on this side of the grave? Honestly, I don’t know. I definitely don’t think we can find it in the United States right now, where we can start social wars by simply disagreeing with someone. People preach all of this tolerance and political correctness, but they are quick to unleash the venom and vitriol on any dissenting parties. I see this on both sides, and it saddens me. I will not comment on individual situations, as I would like to remain as neutral as possible, but it astounds me that if I publicly disagree with the gay community because I disapprove of their lifestyle and cite the Bible as my reason, I am immediately labeled a hater and my writing is classified as hate speech. But these same people can spout all of their hate toward religion and Christianity, and they will be lauded as heroes of free speech. I am not trying to claim that we are persecuted in the United States, there are corpses piling up of my brothers and sisters in Christ around the world and all I have to add to that pile are my feelings, doesn’t seem terribly fair to me to claim that I am being persecuted. I do think that people are entitled to say what they will, but I notice that they cannot even treat their ideals equally. They pick and choose where they want to be accepting and tolerant and where they cannot be intolerant. This inconsistency made me question what this all means. As Christians, we are called to love everyone, friends and enemies, but what does that mean? Does that mean we accept everyone as they are and tolerate what they do? I would say no. We are called to minister to people and lead them to know that they are sinners who will die away from God and spend eternity in this state of pain unless they accept the gift of salvation and grace given to them by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the only man to live a sinless life. His sacrifice has cleansed us of our sins, but we need to accept this gift and repent of our sins in order to meet him after we pass from this earth. Only in Heaven will we be equal, for we are all humans in the sight of God. God bless and have a good rest of your week. 


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