Billy Graham’s My Hope America: A Review

                This is the first review of anything in the media that I will give. This isn’t a response to something that I read about Billy Graham’s series, just my opinion of it. I will go ahead and say that yes, I am biased and this is a positive review. As a Christian, I am always enthused to hear that there is a film like this in the mass media, but I have also learned to go and see for myself to see if what is presented is wholesome, or if it is the false doctrine that was foretold that we as Christians would put up with. I stand before you through this blog and say that the message presented by Reverend Graham and the others in this series is real and simple. I would hope that you don’t just read this review and believe me, I hope that you would go and watch for yourself. To follow this hope, I will try my best to only give a cursory overview of the three episodes in this series, to try and encourage whoever read this to seek out this series to watch and judge for themselves.
                If you watch this series on Netflix, the first episode is titled “The Cross”. As the title suggests, the episode covers the subject of the cross and its meaning not just in Rome as a torture and execution device, but as the source of our current and future hope as believers in Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Billy Graham starts out this series speaking about the life that he has been blessed to lead and the meaning of the cross to him and to others. He spares no quarter by bringing up that ALL of us have sinned and that we ALL need the forgiveness that comes from the death on that cross. He speaks of how the cross is offensive to some because of what it demands from us. Alongside Billy Graham’s message, there are testimonials from two Christian music artists, Lecrae and Lacey Sturm. They speak of their life before Christ and the events that led themselves to the cross where they gave their lives to Christ.
                The second episode is entitled “Defining Moments”. This message focuses on three people, Jim Munroe, David Tyree, and Lacey Sturm. The episode tends to focus more on the testimonials that Billy Graham’s older messages. For a little bit of background, Jim Munroe is an illusionist, David Tyree is a former NFL player, and Lacey Sturm is the former lead vocalist for the band Flyleaf. I will make a little bit of a negative comment here because Sturm’s testimony is essentially repeated from the first episode, but the stories from Munroe and Tyree are interesting to listen to. These testimonials cover the moments of life, be it cancer, arrests, or suicide attempts that brought these three people to their knees and made them cry out to Jesus to save them and give them peace. 
                The third and final episode of the series, and the one that probably hit me the most of all, is entitled “Lose to Gain”. This episode interviews comedian Michael Jr., professional skateboarder Brian Sumner, and a businesswoman named Shannon Culpepper. This episode covers the lesson of materialism and how it is harmful to spiritual health. These three people were lusting after their passions, and got what they wanted. The only problem was, what they got didn’t sate their appetites, they wanted more. Each person found God and contentment in what they had in God and on this earth.
                So at the end, I think I chose to stick to a cursory review of this series because I can’t put into words how awesome this series is. I loved how simple and easy the episodes flowed and that I believe there is something for everyone to get out of this series. If you want personal recommendations from me, the first and the last episodes are the ones that moved me the most, but “The Cross” will make you break down and cry at the beauty of the sacrifice that Christ made for us. I would also hope that, for non-Christians watching that episode that it would bring you to consider, if not actually do, committing your life to Christ and accepting Him as your Lord and Savior. I pray that you have a good rest of your day and that this series will bless you as it has blessed me.


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