A Message to the Christians of This Generation

                This post is one that was put on my heart as the result of a message by my pastor. This post is a call to all Christians to wake up and see the war going on around and inside of you. Too many people who claim to be Christians on Sunday, will walk in Saturday morning from a Friday night party and talk about how wasted or high they got or share stories about the girl or guy he/she took to bed. Is this really what you are doing to share the gospel of Christ? This type of hypocrisy is what is driving people away from the church in droves. We are failing in our duties to go out and to share the gospel of Christ and to allow people to see the change that is supposed to come through surrendering ourselves to God. Our children are seeing the hypocrisy in their parents and they either decide that this kind of behavior is ok or that they decide to leave the church entirely.
                What I am calling for is an end to these “Sunday only” Christians. Christ does not desire a day of worship from you; he wants you to involve him in every aspect of your life. You need to surrender your life entirely to him if you want to truly follow Christ and accept him as your savior! There are too many people who show up for a feel good sermon and then complain when the pastor doesn’t tell them what they need to hear. If you would stop for a minute and consider what Christ said about the greatest commandments, “Love God and love others”. I did paraphrase there, but do you see anything about you in there? What I am saying is that we need to stop focusing on ourselves and our wants and focus on God and others.
                We are also blind to the spiritual battle taking place around us. Because most Christians don’t care or are remaining silent, the New Atheist movement has risen up and is claiming many of this nation’s young people as well as people around the world. What we need to be doing is be able to give a defense of our faith and have the answers when people have questions for us about our faith in Christ. When we give weak answers or we just throw our hands up in frustration at these people for asking us, these people will go elsewhere for satisfactory answers. Unfortunately there are those who will never be satisfied with the answers we give, no matter how lovingly or intelligently we may give them, but we must continue to carry on the great commission that Christ has given us. So how do we fix this issue? Pray to God for wisdom when we are approached by questioners and study His Word so that we may know what it is and why we believe in Christ as our savior. Believe me, I’m not anywhere near where I would like to be in my walk with God and I do not even pretend to have all of the answers, but I hope that God has given me enough that I may deal with the people in my life and answer the specific questions that come my way with the things that I have learned from His Word and my life experience.


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